Let's move to Indico, the definitive OSS conference Manager

Linux App Summit 2019
Barcelona, November 12-16 2019

Ismael Olea
that opensource guy from AlmerĂ­a




Hey, free libre opensource communities meeting regularly: move to Indico!


My goal

If you are part of teams/communities organizing events I want you to move to Indico!

Disclaimer: I'm not related in any way with CERN or Indico team. I'm just suffered the pain of not having a good conference management software available đŸ˜¸

My background

I have been involved in conference organization for a while:

HispaLinux 1998, HispaLinux 1999, HispaLinux 2000, HispaLinux 2001, PyConES 2016, Akademy 2017, Geocamp 2017, SuperSEC 2018, GUADEC 2018 and LibreOffice Conference 2019.

I learned a thing or two about this.

So I have been interested in ways of organizing an event

Specially opensource alternatives (because... you know):

Pentabarf, FRAB, COD, CFP-Devoxx, OSEM, Canonical/DebConf Summit, Wafer, OCS, symposion, OpenConferenceWare, regcfp, Open Event, Unconference Toolbox, Indico,  pretalx, pretix,

I keep an alternatives informal list: An improvised list of opensource conference management software.

And tried some of them, including the «doing everything by hand».

My conclusions

After organizing several events:

Some of the more tedious jobs

Some of the more tedious jobs

Some of the more tedious jobs

My conclusions (2)

Despite the efforts conference software management tools still are a pain in the ass:


Good news: we have Indico!

Indigo is ready to use

You can test it right now

Let's talk

If you are involved in conferences talk with me!

While the conference we can play and know better the tool.

Thanks for listening

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slides available at: